Chartered boat rides, Cape Town

Chartered boat rides, Cape Town

Visitors staying at one of the many types of luxury Waterfront accommodation, which range from stylish self catering apartments to some of the finest 5 star hotels in Cape Town, should really experience the extravagance of a chartered boat ride. Many of these various types of boats and yachts depart from the working harbor and guests staying at the many Cape Town Waterfront apartments would surely have seen these vessels from their balconies.


One of the better known chartered boat rides is the Tigger 2, which has been operating for 14 years and offers an exclusive cruising experience. The Tigger 2 takes guests around the Cape Peninsula, ensuring that absolute comfort and style is achieved. The Tigger 2 Royale is the company’s second boat, is the deluxe version of the first vessel and is intended to cater for VIP’s and up market function requests. 


The Tigger catamaran cruisers, measuring 53 meters and 55 meters respectively, are licensed to carry 50 passengers, including crew and are able to cater to individuals as well as groups. Both Tiggers include a spacious lounge area, which also doubles as a dining area, it is equipped with a 42inch plasma screen and a DVD player, this may prove useful for corporate presentations.

 A bar lounge is also available on board the catamaran, there are also ladies and gents facilities and two large open sundecks allowing guests to enjoy the fresh sea air while soaking up some sun and enjoying the spectacular views.


They offer a range of catering styles to suit the event, such as simple snacks, plated and buffet dinners for day charters, corporate functions and even weddings and have a selection of menus available on request.


Their standard cruises begin at R200 per person, depending on the guest’s choice of charter, at such a reasonable rate, any visitor staying at any Cape Town Waterfront accommodation would be silly not to take advantage of such a novel experience at their doorstep.






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Private air ambulance charter

Private air ambulance charter

With ever expanding business markets and trading opportunities in more remote corners of the world, it is becoming increasingly common for corporate employees to travel to more inaccessible or isolated areas. To ensure a safe journey to these places, using private jet hire is not uncommon and utilising these types of travel arrangements can make certain that arrival and leaving times can be properly scheduled. However, a drawback of visiting faraway countries is that if a visitor becomes sick or is injured during their trip it can often be difficult to receive the appropriate medical treatment needed and they may need to leave the country they are visiting as quickly as possible by air. Although most private aircraft are comfortable and convenient, they cannot always contain vital remedial equipment that may be needed to treat a patient in transit.

When serious illnesses or accidents do occur, using the services of a private air ambulance can be the most sensible option to bring a patient home or to the nearest suitable treatment facility. Air ambulances usually contain all of the remedial equipment and medicinal treatments required to ensure a safe and restful journey home. These private aircraft are also usually staffed by fully qualified medical personnel who can administer treatments as soon as the patient boards the plane, if not before.

Air ambulance services often include an additional provision of sourcing and providing specialist medical equipment such as those apparatus designed to treat tropical diseases or broken limbs. This attention to detail can ultimately save the life of seriously ill travellers or prolong life until more suitable treatment can be dispensed. Here at Jetair we can arrange various types of aircraft charter including private air ambulance services to recover those who are sick or injured and are unable to travel by normal scheduled flights.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charter’s Attraction

Mediterranean Yacht Charter’s Attraction

To be home of the most beautiful natural wonders and breathtaking cities in the world, the Mediterranean region has been famous for unparalleled cultural and historical significance for more than two millennia. You can discover its enchanting allure with a luxury charter vacation, especially you can have wonderful and memorable experience when undergoing the serene waters of the Mediterranean in the warm Mediterranean climate.


The luxury yacht charter areas of the Mediterranean include the Adriatic, Aegean, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. This means you can choose various routes along many of the Mediterranean’s finest destinations including its stunning islands such as Corsica, Sardinia and Malta. The most popular charter areas are arguably the French Riviera and the Italian coast. Here you can stop by some of the finest destinations including Barcelona, Cannes, Capri, Monaco, Nice, Porto and Valencia.


The French Riviera alone is home to more than 30 magnificent harbors and over 3000 mouth-watering restaurants. On the Italian side, make some time for the stunning Amalfi Coast and the lovely fishing village of Portofino. If you are into history, you should certainly drop by the ancient city of Pompeii, which is home to one of best-preserved Roman ruins in the world. For a peek into the antiquity, both Greece and Italy are fine destinations. The art, architecture and archeological findings in these regions are absolutely fascinating.


The exciting range of choices with regards to luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean means you would need to be extra careful when choosing a yacht charter broker. Some important things you should consider include the following:


Choose a well known yacht charter broker, who has a reputation for professional and impartial service. Unless you have a personal recommendation that you can trust completely, it is important that you employ a charter broker with an extensive history of working in the industry.


Make sure your broker is familiar with details including the type of yacht, the crews and local sailing conditions.

Choose a date that is during April-May or September-October, which are the best times of the year for a luxury yacht charter.


Always double-check your travel arrangements.


Once you have chosen a suitable luxury yacht charter, it is time to pay attention to the finer details of your vacation.


The Yacht: The most crucial detail is the yacht itself; there are plenty of types available depending on the situation. If you can rent a basic luxury model for a short trip with a few guests or you can rent larger model for fully-fledged tours and parties for your guests.


The Budget: There is always a trade-off between the size of your budget and the service given. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research in order to determine the charter, which offers the best value for your money. Keep in mind, to take into account even the minutest costs of the service.


The Amount of people involved: when choosing a yacht charter, it is vital to know exactly how many people will be involved. If you end up choosing a yacht that is too small, you will not have enough room, while renting a large yacht for a small number of guests may be a waste of money. Therefore, keep an eye for details, once you have your list ready you can properly organize other things such as catering.


The Date: Always try to book your charter as far in advance as possible. This will allow charter companies to properly service the vessel and prepare it for your vacation. In addition, you can earn good discounts for booking early.


Mediterranean Yacht Charter – Dolmen Yachts has a huge range of yachts available to hire in the Caribbean as well as a range of destinations around the world.

Cargo Freight with Private Air Charter

Cargo Freight with Private Air Charter

Naturally, some things have to shipped by air originated from a number of factors. For example, we are looking at products with highly perishable which will be ruined whilst in transit if you ship by water; or even non-perishable products due to  its urgency requirements they have to be shipped by air to get where they are required on time. As being a garment manufacturer for example, you may receive an order for Christmas garments in July, keeping up with production only to realize when delivery is nigh that you cannot manage to get the garments completed and shipped by water before the Christmas due date. In the case, you should suggest that some solutions or any ideas about delivering the garments later wouldn’t be entertained, seeing that the order was specifically for Christmas. Normally, the garments would have been shipped by water, but because of its urgency of the situation, the warranty may be good if you use of a private air charter for cargo freight.



In sum then, there are two types of situations in which use of private air charter for cargo freight would be considered rational. The first would be where the products you have for shipment are those of a nature that makes air freight mandatory. In this domain are things like horticultural products as well as medications. Keep them in freight for any lengthy period of time, and you can be certain that you will have nothing usable when you eventually get them where they are needed. The second situation would be where, as previously described, you have products that would otherwise be shipped by sea, but where due to some ‘exceptional circumstances’ you have to ship them by air.


The question which arises at this juncture is as to why use private air charter: why, for instance, not use the numerous cargo airlines that are also in operation.


The answer to the second question would lie come up when a keen calculation shows that shipment by private air charter is cheaper than shipment by those cargo airlines. There are actually numerous situations in which this is a possibility – especially where we are looking at relatively large amounts of cargo that need to be shipped for relatively short distance freight. Shipment by aircraft from the large cargo freight airlines makes sense for relatively small shipments over large distances. But for large quantities of cargo, needed for shipment over small distances, the cargo airline option may not make a lot of sense.


There is still another situation in which use of the private air charter can make a lot of sense. This is where, in spite of calculations showing that you are better off using a cargo airline’s aircraft, you discover that you simply can’t find space on any scheduled cargo aircraft (seeing that they tend to be booked well in advance). In a situation like this, rather than lose out altogether, you may decide to make use of private air charter to transport the cargo in question.


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Everything About Charter Bus Rentals

Everything About Charter Bus Rentals

When it comes to charter bus rentals, we usually think about the facilities in public buses. However, charter options available in fact have a tendency to outstand from normal public transportation. There are a lot of choices for passengers to choose from.


Rental of charter bus will differ as it depends on the distance to be covered, type of charter hired, members accompanying and other charges like entrance and service fees are included in the charge of a coach. When coming to the type of coach hired one can go with the option of basic coach to grand luxurious coach.


Following information will help you to know more about the charter bus services that are available for rentals. They are


Basic Coach


Though it is considered to be as a basic yet it is termed to be as a standard coach. This standard coach will resemble like an ordinary school bus. If you are willing to move in a large group then it is best option available for excellent traveling. Drivers are highly experienced thus you will not have any trouble in your traveling routes. Though the coach will appear to be as a basic yet in terms of services it will successfully meet the requirements of every travel. As many additional services are attached with this coach it is favored among many individuals for group tour. You can hire for school trips, church tour and even for your business affair. Though it is considered to be as a standard coach you will be charged for basic coach only.


Double Deck Coaches


Double Deck coaches are mostly found in several large metro areas. Double Deck coach will offer you a great traveling option. You can move along with large group of people with all your entertainment facility. No matter if you are conducting games or dance party every event in double Deck bus will move smoothly. Option for restroom is also available in some of the Double Deck coaches.


Party Coaches


Almost every city will offer you party coaches. Party coaches are favored for small event like that of engagement. You can rejoice your party happily as every member in this coach will be comfortable addition to this there is no compromise on entertainment part.


Tour Coach


Tour coaches are hit among many individuals. Whether it is a family tour, corporate tour, school, or any type of tour you are willing to go for tour coaches are termed to be as a good option for every trip. Such coaches are available in many parts of cities. These types of coaches are accompanied with various facilities like bathroom, music player, and video facility with combination of TV/DVD.


Charter bus rentals are safe in every manner. Whether you are going to keep a large meeting or a small party charter bus rentals are available for every option. Comforts and safety are given top most priority. If you are willing to have additional entertainment then you can inform the company in advance about your preference.


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Green Sailing With Caribbean Yacht Charter

Green Sailing With Caribbean Yacht Charter

For the people of us who’re about to accept a luxurious Caribbean yacht charter, several dilemmas must certanly be taken in brain before you go on your fantasy adventure. Lots of people into the Caribbean make their living from great number of tourists just who come and visit this utopia and luxuriate in its normal charm and wealth of sunshine, sand and ocean.

allegiant airlines

This makes the Caribbean islands a really dazzling and amazing location for everybody. However, there is certainly an evergrowing issue among stakeholders and people just who sincerely care for this visitor haven. The systems of water that surround the hawaiian islands for the Caribbean are not because resilient as we could have wished all of them to be. Indeed, these natural treasures are as delicate and finite as they possibly can get.

united airline

One encouraging indicator amidst this impending threat for this preferred destination may be the heightened awareness and dedication of an increasing number of people who are taking their particular Green advocacy on a greater level. When you go to the Caribbean on a Caribbean yacht charter, you have all options and possibilities to mitigate the impact of you presence when you look at the unique locations that you visit. According to the method that you conduct yourself throughout your exotic sailing adventure you can still make Caribbean getaway an environmentally friendly one.

continental flights

If you should be in search of the best green knowledge, after that sailing on a yacht charter must certanly be on top of your list. Your cruising activity is running on wind-energy which makes it an emission-free trip. Being enviromentally friendly sailing towards the Caribbean is one exhilarating boost towards sensory faculties; an all-natural and energizing way to take pleasure in the charms of Caribbean’s sun, sand and sea.

The Caribbean boat marinas and basics have all been performing their component in preserving and safeguarding the natural wealth and beauty of this countries in the Caribbean. It is also incumbent upon those who look at the place to do their component in creating sure things continue to be because they are.

Here are the items that can be done if you are on an eco-friendly sailing on a boat charter:

1. Respect nature when you are on a Caribbean sailing. Make certain you never harm nature while you’re experiencing the normal allure and beauty of this countries. Be cautious whenever you are scuba diving and snorkeling. Remember that a straightforward kick together with your fins may harm the corals that nature has nurtured for years and years. Before leaving a place, don’t fail to gather all the rubbish that you may have brought to the place. They are the fundamental requisites if you are planning for a green sailing adventure.
2. Pick a Caribbean yacht charter that utilizes alternative power systems. Seek out charter yachts which can be eco-friendly. These day there are Caribbean yachts which can be outfitted with solar panel systems and winds generators to power up the ship methods. Consult with your Caribbean yacht agent for the plans with this “eco-friendly” Caribbean yacht charter.
3. Green cruising indicates carbon footprint reduction. Whenever you can, maintain and available ports and hatches to be able to use all-natural ventilation while onboard your chartered yacht. The main adventure and connection with Caribbean sailing is the exhilarating trade winds that ensure that you have abundant Caribbean oxygen.

It is simple truly, you will findn’t way too many guidelines, however if you follow all of them closely you’ll enjoy your getaway whilst ensuring the proceeded wellbeing of life close to these special oceans.

Happy sailing!

Caribbean Yacht Charter – Dolmen Yachts has a big range of yachts available to hire into the Caribbean plus a selection of destinations around the world.

Charter Journey Booking Advice

Charter Trip Reservation Advice

A charter airline deals with an agreement foundation. That means they truly are create for a certain client, and so they fly away from ordinarily planned times. The larger airlines don’t market as charter businesses, however, most of them do provide that style of service.

all inclusive vacation packages

Most often charter flights transport little groups of individuals to a prearranged task or destination. Sometimes, members of sports groups and companies utilize charter solutions, aswell. Also military employees were proven to reserve a charter flight. Nevertheless, many charter flights still cater to specific functions. With this style of scheduling, the charter business is generally perhaps not in charge of offering tickets. Alternatively, the break companies manage admission product sales, and a lot of of these charter routes tend to be a package offer. As an element of any occasion setup, the package includes the price of the admission, and hotels as well as other solutions. Sometimes, individuals want to visit the destination but don’t want all amenities. Obtained a choice of purchasing a ‘flight-only’ bundle, at a cost that’s typically less costly than if they had scheduled on a scheduled airline.

southwest air

It is some trickier to locate bargains on charter flights, as opposed to scheduled routes, as comparative shopping engines merely do not add charter fares. Even so, people do utilze the internet to book charter flights. Actually, the world wide web scheduling market for charter flights is getting up with the planned journey marketplace. An edge of charter routes may be the capability to run on tracks that cannot assistance a scheduled service. Thus, using small and medium-sized airports allows solution in areas that otherwise, might have not one.

Discovering the right company could be a little difficult, however, if you search the charter companies online, you’ll often find a supplier that will fit the bill at a very affordable cost. Aside from their reputation, however, it is very important to learn slightly about the company before committing your self. Do not be shy about asking the way the pilots tend to be trained, and make certain ARG/US has actually authorized the flight team. You will also need find out how the charter plane is maintained, and who is responsible for that upkeep. The safety record regarding the organization is important, too.

Another area you want to research is business stability. Among drawbacks connected with charter service usually an organization can fold unexpectedly. This makes clients, that have arranged and covered service, stranded, and there is frequently small hope for them to recover their funds. Yet, in the event that business shows sound, charter flights offer some significant benefits. Not only can they give you personal, comfortable transportation for smalls teams, those flights is scheduled 24-hours daily, 365-days a-year, enabling you to travel yourself timeline.

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About Charter Professional Jet Service

About Charter Professional Jet Provider

With so many companies offering charter exclusive jet solutions, how will you know which to select and which could be the one for you? Perhaps you have never ever even considered chartering a private jet because you believed they were too costly or perhaps not offered.

Although you may believe that the commercial airlines tend to be sufficient whenever taking a trip but there are lots of great reasons to give consideration to a personal jet charter. One great explanation is you don’t have to wait in-line when chartering a personal jet. Gone are the hassles of being jammed into a seat in a narrow line with barely room enough to maneuver. You don’t need to wait in line for the restroom and you’re offered more activity options on an exclusive jet too. In addition, it is possible to travel directly to your location without those extremely annoying layovers that force you to transfer your baggage from plane to some other. This alone eliminates stress and saves you lots of time, two things you’ll no doubt value, particularly if you are a frequent traveler.

You’ve got a few options when contemplating making use of an exclusive charter jet. You might have a partial ownership of a service, wherein you have a percentage associated with the airplane of this service with others. You all would share the price plus the service. This can well be really worth the expenses to ensure that you arrive on time towards destinations.

You’ll be able to think about joining a trip card solution. a flight card is a pre-paid card that enables you to purchase a certain amount of flights or trip hours. They are pay-as-you-go, much like a pre-paid phone card. This is certainly very convenient for business plus satisfaction trips.

Chartering a personal jet is yet another choice. You just spend per hour and for only that which you use. The private jets have significantly more accessibility more airports versus commercial airliners. This might be a great solution when preparing those last minute trips as possible often contact a reservation just a couple hours from when you wish to leave.

Personal jet chartering is becoming more common, less expensive and it is designed to make airline travel convenient and comfortable.

Additional information About Charter and Fractional Jets

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FAQ’s on Charter Online Sites

FAQ’s on Charter Websites

In today’s fast paced world, it’s virtually a requirement you have actually increased speed net connection. Dial up definitely wont do, and DSL Lines aren’t constantly that much faster. Exactly what the hefty internet user generally speaking requires these days is a cable modem connection. If you reside in an integral part of the country served by Charter communications, you may have considered getting their high speed internet service. Let us examine some of the faq’s with regards to Charter websites.

How fast can I get?

It’s usually the first thing any you intend to give consideration to when shopping available for high-speed internet connections. Charter broadband internet begins at 5 Mbps when it comes to basic solution. They also offer two higher tiers, that may deliver your increase to either 10 Mbps for the mid-tier, or completely to 20 Mbps for top-level solution. Today your flying!

What about email as well as other functions?

Each net account is sold with 10 e-mail containers, lots for everybody in your home. Furthermore, anti-virus protection and spy ware software program is also an integral part of the overall package. The key the following is to ensure that you have it working at all times, often these functions are disabled, they fundamentally become useless.

We use a few laptops, how about wireless networking?

Cordless accessibility comes standard with Charter high speed internet. The cable modem given by the cable business additionally doubles whilst the wireless accessibility point. Presently, this products aids as much as five various wireless connections in your home. If you are using that numerous contacts, you certainly may wish to start thinking about either the mid-level of service or higher.

Think about costs? Actually high-speed cable modem service high priced?

Whenever very first implemented, high costs were certainly part of the equation. But with increased competitors from telephone and satellite providers, Charter as well as other cable organizations have experienced to keep expenses down to continue to be competitive. Talk to Charter cable straight for present campaigns on high speed internet and triple play bundles.

Fast net accessibility over your cable television line may be inexpensive than you believe. Present promotions can get you into cable net for as little as for the first half a year of solution. It may you need to be just the right time for you dump your slow dial up or DSL connection.

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Western Mediterranean Deluxe Charters

Western Mediterranean Deluxe Charters

About a superyacht charter, it means you can certainly do things your way in addition to possess world at your hands. You’ve got a variety to decide on, such as the overall performance sailing yachts or even the megayacht, which are suitable for everyone, or maybe corporate an intimare enchanting cruise within the globe’s four sides.


Luxury boat charter spots feature preferred cruising grounds for the Mediterranean while the Caribbean, to your sandy shores associated with the Maldives, Seychelles and Thailand all of the destinations is coordinated just by the selection of types of charter readily available. So just why pick the Mediterranean? Simply because there clearly was a great deal on offer therefore much to see. WEST MEDITERRANEAN The turquoise oceans and colourful coastlines for the West Mediterranean supply a hugely diverse cruising ground for folks who take pleasure in the finer things in life. There is something to accommodate every person. Attractive hotels, charming, historic villages with winding streets, conventional restaurants and stunning design, spectacular vistas, superb cuisine, temperate climes and colourful sunsets are just a few of the numerous sights and feelings as you are able to find out and experience in the West Mediterranean. French Riviera, Corsica & Sardinia


The French Riviera is notorious for the advanced, jet-set resorts, where friends mingle with the performers, relish culinary masterpieces in world-renowned gourmet restaurants and set about shopping experiences like nothing you’ve seen prior in famous designer boutiques. St Tropez transforms into a summer playing field for the jet-set, whom flock to “see and become seen” in just one of the A-list clubs or private beaches. Cannes and Monaco come to life during Film Festival and Formula 1 Grand Prix in-may and so are both thought to be leading retail, dining and entertainment spots. Los angeles Croisette, le Palais des Festivals therefore the Monte Carlo spot du Casino are famous around the world. All this with idyllic retreats and calm islands close by where you are able to escape the hustle and bustle and explore at a slower rate or charge your electric batteries if you prefer. Secluded bays and hilltop villages add to the multi-faceted and undisputable benefit of the French Riviera.


The kilometres of totally unspoilt, tough coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia provide still another contrasting selection of spots to explore and discover. Nature-lovers and the ones in search of a genuine style of Mediterranean can take sanctuary here. Both countries have an original tradition and record, steeped with French and Italian charm. There are the perfect mixture of glitz and nature in Sardinia. The Costa Smeralda in north houses the rich and famous while the south the main area provides a multitude of secluded anchorages and wild beaches.


The Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Adriatic Turquoise seas, fashionable eateries, an abundance of history, tradition and breathtaking scenery summarizes just a few of the places that will stimulate the sensory faculties as you sail this an element of the Mediterranean. From Portofino to Naples and Capri as well as on to your Aeolian Islands and Sicily it might just take a very long time to explore and take in all of that is on offer. Often called the “pearl of Riviera”, the small fishing village of Portofino is the best recognized for its chic boutiques and beachside cliffs speckled with pastel-coloured villas and it is a popular stopping point for yachts. Southern of Naples, the Amalfi coast is a location of rare and incredible Italian beauty, best investigated by ocean. Ischia is recognized as “the island of well being”, famous for its thermal springs and healing spas. The trendy island of Capri is an excellent area to savor daytime watersports whilst the picturesque city of Positano rising over the volcanic sand shores is a must for seafood food. Browse Stromboli en-route for Sicily watching the all-natural fireworks of volcanic task beneath the stars. The rugged island of Sicily combinations volcanoes, castles and shores with striking high cliffs.


The Adriatic is hugely rich in tradition and tradition, with old ruins, dazzling churches and medieval villages scattered over the coastlines. Venice provides a romantic and historic begin or finish to any Adriatic charter. Croatia is a country of exemplary pure beauty with over 1000 stunning countries to cruise, nevertheless crystal waters ideal for watersports and diving and a backdrop of rugged hills and ancient Roman architecture, which develop a breath-taking panorama. There’s a magical and mystical feeling this is certainly difficult to match and impossible to forget.


Lucy Tasker works at blue-water Yachting, a unique boat charter organization specialising in luxury yacht charter when you look at the South of France. Much more itinerary info is offered by

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